Anti Ageing Treatment Liquid Foundation

Bella Vi Mineral Makeup


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BellaVi’s new skin remodeling anti-aging peptide infused treatment foundation offers a beautiful medium coverage giving your skin a natural finish for an immediate smooth and healthy appearance. Thanks to a new generation of natural raw materials your complexion will look impeccable all day long with a luminous & hydrated feel. BellaVi’s liquid foundation is the perfect synergy from infusing anti-aging skincare & makeup into one exceptional product.

  1. Medium coverage
  2. Naturally beautiful finish
  3. Cushion texture
  4. Dry but soft skin
  5. Moisturising properties
  6. All day wear
  7. Anti-aging properties 
  • Tri-peptide ghk: scientifically shown to help reduce and prevent the formation of expression lines and wrinkles by generating new skin cells
  • Antipollution: protects the skin from the effect of environmental contamination
  • Natural complex based on watermelon and apple: scientifically shown to offer excellent moisturising properties
  • Sodium hyaluronate: helps to restore the skins moisture
  • Dermatologically Approved For Sensitive Skin.  (Independent Clinical Study By Registered Dermatologists On Human Subjects With Both Sensitive Skin & Non-Sensitive Skin Types)
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