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For maximum benefit, soak your skin with warm water before massaging one to two drops of Bestow Nourishing Facial Oil into your skin.
Benefits of Bestow Soaking Cloth and Soaking Ritual:

Soft muslin cloth that will take your makeup off beautifully.
Soaking the skin increases hydration in the skin.
Plumper skin.
Increases product penetration.
Decreases stress.

How to use your Bestow Soaking Cloth:

Take time for you. Partially fill your hand basin with warm water. Immerse your Bestow Soaking Cloth, wring out excess water and press the cloth to your face while taking 5 deep slow breaths. Repeat this step until your skin is fully hydrated. Apply any serums or oils and moisturiser  you desire to lock in all that precious hydration. For maximum benefit, we recommend massaging a few drops of Bestow The Graces Nourishing Facial Oil after skin soaking.

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